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GPX Pro XT Studio

DATA Loggers
XT Studio

A perfect companion to the myriad functions in the GPX, XTStudio allows you to take the data gathered on track and analyze it in detail on your Windows enabled PC. Review your sessions in real time with your data streaming in graphs or on gauges to help isolate any trouble areas you may have on the track.

Watch as you let off the throttle and your RPMs fall heading into a turn and compare your turn entry with your other entries into that same turn. Watch data gathered on corner exit to see where you were on the throttle early and where you were late, allowing you to find the lap where you performed the best.

Customize everything from the appearance of your main screen to the data displayed while you are out on track using XTStudio's integrated GPX display customization features.

With XTStudio, your laps come to life.

Download XTStudio

Version 2.1.61

Download GPX Pro and XT Studio manual in .pdf

Circuit Mode

Simply plug your GPX into your PC and you'll be viewing your circuit laps in unprecedented detail before you know it. Complete with real-time gauges and charts for any data you logged with the GPX, you are free to lay laps on top of other laps to see where you were faster and where you were slower.

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Rally Mode

Point-to-Point review functions the same as Circuit mode, displaying any laps you have imported along with any data you collected through the GPX's 5-channel acquisition. Using GPStudio's graphing functionality, plot your information on a graph to display any of your collected data such as speed, RPM or throttle position against a timeline for lap viewing in even finer detail.

Screen Designer

With GPStudio, you not only have a powerful lap analysis tool but also a way to customize the GPX and truly make it your own. Using the screen designer in GPStudio, you can customize any and all of the GPX screens with your own boxes, lines, data acquisition value... even images! With custom screens for each racing mode (Circuit, Point-to-Point, Drag, Instrument) and for each screen type (Main screen, Session summary, Lap details, Spinner), there are literally infinite ways to make the GPX Pro your own.

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