GPX Pro-4 and Pro-8 Features - Cornerspeed for GPX Pro Laptimers and Dataloggers

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GPX Pro-4 and Pro-8 Features

DATA Loggers
What can the GPX Pro do for you ?

GPS-based lap times to 1/100 seconds

Say goodbye to trackside transmitters! With the GPX, you can race with the confidence that your lap times are being recorded accurately without the hassle of setting up and powering a trackside beacon.

Track maps with full data analysis capabilities
Ever find yourself struggling to pick up tenths on the race track? Let GPX's mapping and data analysis give you a hand. By allowing you to see things like your throttle position, RPM and speed through the turns, you'll know exactly where you have room to improve.

Min/Max RPM and speed for each lap
With GPX's Min/Max RPM and speed feature, you'll be able to see exactly how hard you pushed each lap to go faster.

Automatic track recognition and start/finish line setup
After running just two laps on any circuit, GPX will then automatically recognize the track and calibrate a start/finish line for you anytime you return; no hassle or setup required.

Add up to 5 splits and adjust them at any time
GPX allows you to create up to 5 split segments that you can adjust at any time. Having a problem with a specific turn? Place split times at the entrance and exit in order to compare your performance from lap to lap and better locate that perfect racing line.

Store hundreds of laps and sessions
With GPX's onboard memory, have an entire season's worth of racing for review right at your fingertips.

8 Adjustable LED RPM and shift lights
GPX's LED tachometer can be calibrated and customized to fit the tastes of any racer. Program not only how you want the LEDs to flash but also calibrate them to suit each individual gear.

Hour meter and total miles/kilometers traveled
Have more than one vehicle or engine? Keep track of exactly how far and how long you've driven each motor to help keep maintenance up to date. Prevent unwanted blow-ups and missed races by knowing exactly where your engines stand.

GPS speed and data acquisition channels
With its GPS chipset, GPX logs your actual land speed with precision, even after gearing changes. The GPX universal-input channels offer flexible digital/analog recording capabilities, record any and everything you are interested in seeing on your race vehicle.

Data acquisition inputs selectable
With GPX, out of the box you have the ability to record gear, throttle position, wheel speed, RPM, temperature, pressure and suspension data... all with configurable alarms.

Huge 240x160 backlit 32 shade grey scale graphics display
What good is information if it isn't delivered clearly? With this in mind, the GPX is outfitted with a rich, dynamic, backlit 32 shade graphical display designed to deliver the information you need when you need it.

Design your own screen layouts
Customization is a feature close to the heart of the GPX. With the 240x160 display comes the ability to set up the information it gives you in the way the best suited to your needs using GPX's software suite, GPStudio. Arrange your data and even include images or photos to make the GPX your own.

3-axis accelerometer records and graphs your racing g's
Ever wonder how many g's you were pulling through that carousel? Want to know how hard you were braking into that hairpin? With GPX's 3 axis accelerometer, track your g's through every moment of every lap.

Selectable modes - Circuit Racing, Point-to-Point, Drag Racing
The GPX is designed with the racer in mind and realizes that not all racers are the same. With its included modes, there's virtually no limit to the types of racing it will record. From quarter mile to eighth mile to the Baja 1000... GPX will record it all! Drag mode also includes a tree start using the tachometer's LEDs, enabling you to practice your starts and record your reaction times.

Acceleration and braking tests
Can't tell if those brake pads are ready to be replaced or not? Curious what your 0-60 time is? The GPX comes equipped with all the tools you need to answer those questions. With its 0-60, 0-60-0, 0-100 and 0-100-0 test modes not to mention an array of others, you'll have everything you need to calculate horsepower and tune your engine on the fly.

Internal rechargeable lithium ion battery
Forget messing with AA's and buying new batteries, the GPX comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that you'll never need to replace. The GPX can also be configured to run off 12v power supplied from your vehicle through the GPX wiring harness.

Fast USB download
With its USB connectivity, have everything the GPX records running in GPStudio in a matter of minutes. With an even wider range of options for data analysis, GPStudio is the perfect companion tool for the GPX. In addition, GPX's USB port will allow you to keep your GPX up to date with the latest firmware updates from XT Racing.

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