GPX Pro4 and Pro8 Overview - Cornerspeed for GPX Pro Laptimers and Dataloggers

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GPX Pro4 and Pro8 Overview

DATA Loggers

Introducing the Next Generation GPX Pro the GPX Pro 4 and the GPX Pro 8.   
GPX Pro 4 = R9 495.00, GPX Pro 8 = R10 995.00 ( Q1- 2018)

*   The enclosure is now a black anodized billet aluminum case
*   A combination of new, higher-reliability flash memory, along with a newly designed file system results in more reliable operation
*   All external channels are universal inputs (each may be analog or digital)
*   The GPS antenna is now external for improved reception, and comes with a quick disconnect feature
*   The LCD screen is more resistant to shock and vibration

The GPX Pro 4 has 4 available external channels for data acquisition, and 8 megabytes of flash storage.

The GPX Pro 8 has 8 available external channels for data acquisition, 16 megabytes of flash storage, and a highly accurate 5.00V reference voltage.

In addition to the 4 or 8 channels of external data, both the GPX Pro 4 & 8 have 4 additional built-in data channels:
*   Computed gear
*   Longitudinal (gas/brake) acceleration
*   Lateral (left/right) acceleration
*   12V monitor

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