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DATA Loggers
Sensors and Accessories for the GPX Pro 4 and GPX pro 8

Sensor breakout box - Please note that the prices quoted on this page is subject to the Rate of Exchange

The sensor breakout box (available for both the GPX Pro 4 and GPX Pro 8) provides a plug-and-go solution for XT Racing's line of sensors. Simply connect the cables to the GPX Pro, add power and start adding sensors.

Break out Box 4 Channel R999.00 (Aug 2017)

Break out Box 4 Channel R1 499.00 (Aug 2017)

Suspension Potentiometer from Penny & Giles
These top of the line linear position sensors measure and record position in real time. Commonly used, but not limited to measuring suspension travel, throttle position, steering head angle (motorcycle) and any other type of linear motion. The GPX Pro has a built-in power source for these sensors.
50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm Download Brochure .
Power supply requirement - 5V (included with GPX Pro 8, GPX Pro 4 breakout box or GPX Pro 8 breakout box)
SE04-50 : linear potentiometer sensor (50mm travel)
R4325.00 (Aug 2017)  datasheet

SE04-75 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (75mm travel) R4540.00 (Aug 2017)   datasheet

SE04-100 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (100mm travel) R4760.00 (Aug 2017)  datasheet

SE04-150 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (150mm travel) R4975.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet


Inductive Speed sensors

The inductive speed sensor can be used to detect any ferrous metal for speed or frequency measurements. The sensor combines high frequency response with good sensing distance to allow you to log your speed with very high accuracy.

Power supply requirement - 12V battery voltage

SE10-M8 : Inductive speed sensor (M8 thread) = R935.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet

Pressure sensors

XT Racing pressure sensors offer a high quality solution for your pressure measurement applications. Available in 2,000 psi and 150 psi, their use ranges from brake pressure to fuel pressure to oil pressure. With an IP65 stainless steel body it is rugged enough for the most demanding scenerios.

Power supply requirement - 12V battery voltage

SE01 : 150 psi pressure sensor = R1 799.00 (Aug 2017)  datasheet
SE02 : 2000 psi pressure sensor
= R1 799.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet

Thermistor Temperature Sensors

XT Racing thermistor temperature sensors are designed as an econmoical solution for your temperature measurement applications. With a range up to 150 C and 4 thread sizes available, their no place they won't fit.

Power supply requirement - 5Vincluded with GPX Pro 8, GPX Pro 4 breakout box or GPX Pro 8 breakout box)

SE03-M6 : thermistor temperature sensor (M6 thread) = R7895.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet
SE03-M8 : thermistor temperature sensor (M8 thread )
= R7895.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet

SE03-M10 : thermistor temperature sensor (M10 thread) = R7895.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet

SE03-M12 : thermistor temperature sensor (M12 thread) = = R7895.00 (Aug 2017) datasheet

String Potentiometer

The "string Pot"  has a "stroke" of 70mm, and is ideal for application where Throttle Position is required,
but there is no TPS sensor available to provide the signal.

The String Pot is manufactured from billet aluminium, light and durable. = R2 399.00 (Aug 2017)

Steering Wheel Mount for GPX Pro

This mount is ideal for In-Car on the Steering-Wheel mount...
....or on the Go-Kart Steering Wheel mount.
Manufactured from Billet Aluminium, light and durable.

Additional Cable sets
Additional sets of GPX Pro cables are available if you want to wire multiple vehicles for use with one GPX. So, now you are free to wire all of your race bikes to collect data on a single GPX or record your pit bike movements with super-accurate data acquisition or even wire up your daily commuter vehicle to find the fastest way to work!

XT Holder
The all-new XT Holder is machined from billet aluminum and is hard anodized for durability. The XT Holder is compatible with the Ultra-Lap, Mini-Lap and GPX Pro and comes in 7 different sizes for mounting on a variety of motorcycle fork tubes.
Here is the list of sizes for different bikes

Ducati IR Receiver  R3 889.00 (Aug 2017)
Compatible with our standard transmitter, XT Racing’s Ducati I/R is designed to work with the stock lap timers that come fitted on the 749, 848, 999, 1098, 1198, Hypermotard and D16RR Ducati models. Simply plug it in, mount it and you’re ready to go.
Weighing in at a fraction if the cost of Ducati’s official I/R, XT’s version packs the same reliability and functionality you’ve come to expect from other XT Racing products.

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