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FAT GECKO Mini Camera Mount

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Fat Gecko Mini Single Suction Mount

Impossible Shooting Angles, Made Possible.

Whether you are looking to shoot quality footage from a surfboard, snowboard, ATV or even the top of a helmet, Delkin Devices' Fat Gecko Mini Mount has the ability to withstand any high-intensity, action sport environment. A solid steel shaft and rugged construction keep your compact digital camera secure and stationary for hands-free use in the most extreme situations.

This sturdy camera mount uses a single 3 inch plastic suction cup and optional universal mounting screw to attach to any smooth surface, ensuring zero damage or slippage at its base. The Mini model is ideal for adventure sport use where either a compact point and shoot camera or camcorder up to 4 pounds is being utilized. With its 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation feature, the Fat Gecko Mini enables photographers to achieve any shooting angle desired while in motion! Fully functional and manufactured with superior quality, this device is a must-have for all photography enthusiasts.

Impossible Shots Made Possible


Rugged Construction
Includes Optional 3 Extension Shaft
Universal Tripod Thread
Tested with devices up to 4 lbs. (1.81 kg) in weight
3 Suction Cup and Universal Mounting Screw
360 Tilt, Turn and Rotation


“What a great little gadget!” By Dre
5 Stars on Amazon
I started riding motorcycles about a year ago. And because I was travelling to all kinds of places I didn't before, I wanted to capture the memories on video. So I had 3 options: put a camera in my helmet, get a Go Pro, or get something to attach my camera to the bike. I tried putting the camera in the helmet. The footage was great and I could talk into the camera mic, but I didn't like how the camera blocked some of my vision. Next was the Go Pro. Great little device. I just didn't want to spend $150 on a camera when I already had a perfectly good one. So, I looked into camera mounts and found the Fat Gecko Mini.

I've had the mount for about six months. I've ridden about 6,000 miles with the mount on the bike (ZX-6R). Some rides lasted 8+ hours. I've taken it to the track 3 times. And I have done 145 mph with the camera mounted. Not once has the mount fell off, felt loose, or became unstable. It is an amazing little thing.

For most of my rides, I placed the mount on my tank behind the windscreen. I really wanted to place it on the front of the bike or the side. But honestly, I thought that it would get pulled off by the wind. About 2 weeks ago, I find got the courage to place it on the front of the bike, with no wind protection. It performed flawlessly! The ride lasted for 7 hours. I didn't take it off the entire time. I can't tell you how nervous I was for the first hour of the ride. After that, I didn't even think about it.

My only negative comment about the mount is the extension. I can not use it on the motorcycle. There is just too much vibration from the road. If it were on a non-moving surface or inside of a vehicle, I have no doubt that there would be very little vibration in the camera footage.

Any hand-held camera which can attach to a tripod (most cameras) can be mounted on the Fat Gecko Mini. I wouldn't put a camcorder or camera over 2 pounds on it when mounting on the outside of a vehicle. That's just asking for trouble. But everything else, go for it! So save some money and get one. You won't be disappointed.

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