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FAT GECKO Stealth Mount

Camera Mounts

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Impossible Shooting Angles, Made Possible.

Secure your digital camera to the side of a helmet, atop your surfboard or onto any other smooth solid surface. This low profile suction cup guarantees a reliable hold for equipment up to 1lb (16oz) in strenuous environments where wind, vibration, g-force or rain may come into play. Adjustable 180 degree rotation at the base of the Stealth Mount enables complete control of filming angles and perspectives during any sport or activity, while a discreet compact build provides optimal stability without any added weight or interference

Impossible Shooting Angles, Made Possible


Action Sport POV Camera Approved
Adjustable Custom Set-Up
Rugged & Secure Locking Suction
Universal ¼’’-20 Mounting Head
Rated to Hold 4 lbs (64 oz)
1 Year Limited Warranty

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