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Brother TD 4100N

Brother Label Printers
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TD-4100N = R2999.00
Professional wide label printer + network

This professional network-ready label printer can help your business work quicker and more efficiently.
Print 300dpi quality labels up to 102mm wide, and from 25mm to 3m long. The TD-4100N also prints at up to 110mm per second with a built-in automatic cutter for extra quick results. It also supports barcode printing and lets you easily import your own graphics too.
And being fully network ready, the TD-4100N can be seamlessly integrated into your current systems.

Built-in networking
The professional and reliable method of connecting label printers is typically via a network, and the TD-4100N incorporates a 10/100 Base TX network port as standard. By giving the opportunity to locate the label printer away from the PC, you have the advantage of being able to place the label printer wherever your labels are required. And of course, networking offers the ability for any number of users or computers to print their labels to the same label printer. If many copies of labels are required quickly, the “distributed printing” function (found in the printer driver) will automatically send the print job to two or more connected printers - thereby increasing throughput. As an example, if two TD-4100N label printers are set up for distributed printing and 10 copies of a label are required, the driver will automatically send five labels to one printer, and five labels to another.

Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
Thermal Label rolls for the TD4000/TD4000N:
B-Lab-150mm, 100mm x 150mm Thermal 500 per Roll = R199.00
B-LAB-23MM, 50mm x 23mm Thermal 1000 per Roll = R59.00
B-LAB-50MM, 100mm x 50mm Thermal 500 per Roll = R99.00
White Yellow or Red

Key Features:-
  • USB-2 / Ethernet
  • Prints RD die cut labels and RD rolls 102mm wide up to 1m long
  • 3 Colour LED control panel
  • Fast print speed of 98.6mm/sec
  • P-Touch Editor 5.1 included
  • Max print height - 98mm
  • Print Resolution 300dpi
  • Most image formats supported
  • Barcodes supported
  • Autromatic cutter
  • 12.7 - 1000mm label length
  • Ships with RD starter roll (2m)
  • Ships with RD Starter labels 51 x 25mm (60)
  • USB and power cables included
  • P Touch Editor Cd Rom and AC Adaptor
Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
Brother TD4000N Thermal Label printer
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