Ultra-Lap FAQ - Cornerspeed for GPX Pro Laptimers and Dataloggers

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Ultra-Lap FAQ

Ultra-Lap Display & Receiver

1. General Questions
Q. What is a good source for a 12V battery for externally powering the Ultra-Lap transmitter?

After a bit of searching and testing, we have found a very good and inexpensive battery that is ideal for powering the transmitter. The battery is a sealed lead acid (SLA) 12V battery that can be obtained from www.batterymart.com — the part number is SLA-12V7-F1. We have tested it and it powered the transmitter for 120 consecutive hours before it needed to be recharged. Since it is a sealed battery, it can be stored in any position without worrying about spilling acid. In addition, they sell a charger; it is part number ACC-41A12500. It would be preferable to use a standard 12V automotive type battery charger, but this little charger will do the trick. However, there are two things to be careful about with this charger — since it does not reduce the charging current when the battery becomes fully charged, it should not be connected to the battery for more than about 12-16 hours. Also, when it is plugged in, be careful not to short the leads together.

Q. Where is the best place to put the transmitter?
The transmitter should be placed at the beginning of a straightaway, but far enough past the last curve so that the bike is no longer inclined.

Q. At what height should the transmitter be located?
It should be about the same height as the receiver is on the bike — in other words, about 3' off the ground.

Q. Why are there 2 different types (colors) of LEDS on the transmitter?
They are all infrared, but some of them have a slightly narrower (and more concentrated) beam than the others.

Q. Do I lose everything when I replace batteries?
No — all your settings and all your laps are retained when either the batteries go dead or you replace them. The only thing that you might need to check is the date and time (these will stop counting when there is no battery).

Q. What is the difference between using internal AA batteries and an external lead-acid battery for the transmitter?
When running on 4 AA batteries, the transmitter will transmit at a somewhat lower power to conserve power, and it will still be good for > 60' of transmission. A fresh set of batteries will last for 1-3 days of racing. When running on an external lead-acid battery, the power is increased and even a small motorcycle battery will power the transmitter for many days.

Q. What is the polarity of the external battery connector for the transmitter?
The center connector is +12V, and the outside shell is ground.

2. Features
Q. What is the SID (session ID)?
The SID is a unique number that marks a given session. For example, if you go to Road Atlanta and participate in 3 races, than each race will have a different SID (e.g., 33, 34, and 35). When looking through the lap display you will see SID 33, lap 1, 2, 3, etc.; then SID 34, lap 1 2 3 etc. etc. Basically, it allows you to tell which laps were in a particular race.

Q. Over what distance will the system (transmitter and receiver) work?
Anywhere from 10' to 100'.

Q. Why do you say approximately 2000 laps? Why not an exact number?
The lap data is compressed so it isn't possible to compute exactly how many laps it will store. The first lap of a session uses more storage than the 2nd + laps, so the amount of data varies depending on how many laps in the race. 2,000 is about average for 8-10 lap sessions.

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